Technological process
30 years of good quality, focused on zinc alloy

  Professionally and rigorously purchase the brand (Zn99.995) high purity zinc, high purity aluminum, magnesium and copper. Introduce the modern German spark direct reading spectrometer for product inspection, the inspection time is equal but the effect is very fast, accurate and eco-friendly. The raw materials are stored in the warehouse according to the procedures after passing inspection, ensure first in and first out. The professional warehouse keep must measure and weigh the raw materials according to the formula of alloy before production, the raw materials are fed into the reverberatory furnace according to the formula, and then the auxiliary materials are put into the furnace, after stirring, the temperature is measure, after reaching the standard temperature, the scum is removed, the net value is taken, and then the sample is taken in the alloy liquid in the furnace to test the chemical composition and density. From the sampling to the test result, it is measured by modern German spark direct reading spectrometer, the result is obtained within 5 minutes. After the data has reached the standard, the inspector signs and confirms in the alloy composition table. Test according to the modern sampling principle, it is convenient for customers to trace back. After packing, the product is weighed and marked, and then stored in the warehouse.