30 years of good quality, focused on zinc alloy
The zinc alloy plant was founded to produce zinc alloy ingots based on recycled raw materials.
The first reverberatory furnace was successfully put into operation, completely rejecting the concept of producing zinc alloy ingots from recycled raw materials, and using new raw materials to produce zinc alloy ingots, which meeting national standards and customer needs.
Due to the company's business development needs, the company was moved to Lishui Industrial Zone and expanded the production base and increased production lines. In the same year, the company passed the WIT Total Quality Management System Certification.
The quality of the products is in full compliance with the EU's environmental quality standards.
The products are sold throughout the Pearl River Delta and Fujian.
The company's business volume continues to increase, in order to meet the customer demand, we set the production lines again in this year, and the annual output reached 30,000 tons.
Our zinc alloy ingots feature stable quality and have earned high trust from customers. In order to integrate production capacity and environmental facilities with the times, in 2016, the production base was relocated to the Sanshui Central Technology Industrial Park, covering an area of 40,000 square meters, and the new and modern environmental protection production line was built. The annual output reached more than 50,000 tons and the company was equipped with comprehensive environmental facilities.
The company was invited by the CCTV "Craftsmanship" column group to make the documentary of the craftsman's spirit, the documentary showed the craftsmanship of Guihe Metal for 30 years.
The "Craftsmanship" documentary of Guihe Metal was published in the iQiyi video and major websites.
Guihe Metal won the "Top 10 Zinc Alloy Outstanding Brands" in the 2018 Casting Industry.
Guihe Metal awarded the 2018 Developing Craftsmanship and Winning the Future with Quality "Top 10 Craftsmanship Enterprise Awards".
Guihe Metal was displayed in the 2018 Old Story "Craftsmanship" Column.